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Acidity Bagatelle for iPhone

Acidity Bagatelle for iPhone

Price: free

Now you can nudge the ball in bagatelle, but the pins may become active and fight back!

Acidity is a bagatelle-like game for the iPhone (or iPod Touch). Unlike the traditional game, the player has some control over the ball after its release, as well as other novel elements such as mobile pins.

The developers of Acidity found that they quickly got bored with the type of game where the balls just follow the laws of physics after release. Something like a pinball flipper in the right place would be so satisfying, but actual pinball requires too much concentration to be relaxing. What this game offers is a happy medium of challenge and control, allowing the casual player to achieve and improve scores by interacting with the ball throughout its trajectory.

But just when you think you’ve got it, a new wrinkle arises: at first just a pin in an awkward place, then more pins, then pins that move, drain holes, and so on. On top of that, the balls keep coming sooner after each other and falling and bouncing faster.

The game is very forgiving of beginner players, allowing progress even without perfect scores at lower levels. Acidity is available for free with ten levels. The more interesting challenges, however, are withheld for in-app purchase, and we won’t spoil the surprises here. The Acidity website at provides further details.