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Ant Turns Zombie

Ant Turns Zombie

Price: $0.99


We would like to ask you to review “AntTurnsZombie for iPhone” on your site. It’s unique path drawing game, where the player has to save the ants from flies and avoid fights between ant colonies and zombies.Please let me know so that i can send the Promo code.


But from the science story there is a little twist in our game. Here the Flies flew to a area where environment friendly ants live. The Player has to save as many ants as possible otherwise, due to scientific reaction ant turns into zombie.
The game has got few modes based on the zombie behaviour and also a recovery mode where the zombie is cured back to ant by using medicinal plant.

Please check the Gameplay reference in the below site.

Here is info page (with video and screenshots):

iTunes link:

Why this app is different:
1. Story line is based on scientific inspiration. First ever game whose main story line is about the zombie creation and and to make a strategy to avoid the zombie getting created.
(Most of the games, in general have zombie has a character and the main goal is to kill the zombie. In one of our mode, we have scope to avoid the zombie creation , also if possible to cure the zombie).
2. It is a path drawing game unique in its genre as it gives enough opportunities to regain control at any stage of the game.
Since the zombies die after short period of time, if the player strategize to make the ants eat all the food or not allow the zombies to eat the food and if the player lays the path such that the flies are not attacking, and make sure that there is no fight between zombies and ant, the player can regain the control and can be back in the game.