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Arkaneum Merchant

Arkaneum Merchant

Price: USD0.99

Enjoy this simple game which is based on the traditional mancala, with a slight twist! Play as a Drone Operator against the witty rival in your quest to gather as much Arkaneum Ores as possible. Strategize your moves while juggling between optimizing Drone’s energy usage, capturing rival’s ores, avoiding rival from stealing your ores and capturing the rare alloy ores – the Arkanites. Each Drone Operator is given an Ore Carrier equipped with an Ore Teleporter – to teleport your ores back to your base. The Drone Operator with the most profits will win at the end of the game.


√ A great time waster and mind simulator – involve basic mind-maths (counting of ores before moves)

√ Very relaxing game to play – with nice graphics, sounds effects and cool animations

√ Single Player and turn-based.

√ Two Modes to play against the computer – Novice (non thinking computer) and Expert (thinking computer)

√ 4 Characters choice (more will be added in future updates)

√ Customizable number of ores per container – Select 3 for a quick game or 7 for a longer playing time.

√ High Score record and ranks are given to you based on the profits you acquire.

√ A How-To-Play Information inside the game