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Beer Pong Classic Free

Beer Pong Classic Free

Price: Free

Beer Pong is a classic drinking game in which players throw a Ping-Pong ball across a table trying to sink it into the opponent’s cup.

:::The New Beer Pong Classic:::

::Game Modes / Options::
:1 Player: :2 Player:

10 Cup / 6 Cup Rebuttal
10 Cup / 3 Cup Rebuttal
6 Cup / 3 Cup Rebuttal

Difficulty 1-10 (1 Player)
-Each Level is a different opponent (ex. Corey : Level 10)

-Three Tracks to pick from including the original music

Tracer (guide)
-on (easier!!!)
-off (Very Hard)

-Each player gets there own stats sheet
-after every game (current game stats displayed)
-erase all option

Player Names
-ability to change to who is playing

Re Racking!
-When it is available (button appears)

Swatting (blocking)
-Swat a oncoming bounce shot by moving your finger over the ball. (1 player only)

The more you drink the more you sway and tilt along with screen darkening

::How To Play::
// Game Play //

::Throwing the beer pong ball::
-Touch your iPad/iPhone screen and hold. (Alternative try two fingers)
-You will then see a transparent ball and a power bar to its right.
-Move your finger around the screen to change your shot location.
-Hold your finger down until you achieve the desired strength.
-If the tracer is turned on use this as a guide.
-Turn off the tracer to make the game harder!
-Then release your finger to throw the ball.

::Tracer (guide)::
:Color Indications:
-Red | Off Table
-Yellow | Will Hit/Bounce off Table
-Green | Will Hit Cup
-Blue | Going in!

-Press the rerack button on the upper left when available.

::Pull a Cup::
-When directed tap on a cup to pull it.

::Lob Shot::
-Use less power and aim higher.

::Swatting the ball on a bounce::
-Drag your finger across the ball to swat it away!

::Throw Shot::
-Use more power and aim lower.

::Bounce Shot::
-Aim for the table to bounce the ball into a cup. You will be able remove a second cup if you are successful. (tricky)

::Great Shot::
-The ball went into the beer without touching the cup.\”

::Excellent Shot::
-The ball bounced into the beer without touching the cup.

-The more cups your drink the more your view will sway and tilt along with slight tunnel vision.