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Boss Nagger

Boss Nagger

Price: $.99

Tired of that boss always riding you? What about the boss who watches you like a hawk when you attempt leave on the ‘early’ side?

This fun-packed little app is a hilarious tribute to the boss who just plain takes it too far. Pick the boss of your choice and prepare to get verbally scorned.

Bosses include:

Fred “Noose Neck” Nurk – Each day is a disappointment for “Noose Neck” Nurk. Always aware of company policy, Mr. Nurk has a tendency to peak his cranky little head just above the walls of his cubicle to keep an eye on you.

Slava “Cold Stare” Konstantinov – Mr. Konstantinov use to bath in ice water while in his native Russia. He applies his tough work ethic to the workplace. I wouldn’t tangle with that cold stare.

Linda “Troll Muncher” Lanisaur – Wow, Linda Lanisaur is one tough son of a gun! When she’s not in the gym blasting her pecs, there’s a better than good chance she’s got you in a choke-hold in the office.

Peter “Prius” Peckerhead – The last time Mr. Peckerhead went against company policy was when he miscalculated the mileage to the last all-hands meeting. Peter has a reputation for ‘ratting’ his collegues out in times of trouble, so if you’re gonna break policy, don’t let Peckerhead see you.

At the press of a button, the “Boss Nagger” will randomly play a set of audio files specific to the boss you choose. Sneak up behind someone at work and have them rolling with this new and entertaining app. Get it today!

Be sure to have your volume set to high and not on vibrate to hear the bosses!