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Coach Nagger

Coach Nagger

Price: $.99

We all remember the washed-up high school coach who never made it, right? This fun-packed little app is a hilarious tribute to the coach who just plain takes it too far. Pick the coach of your choice and listen as he rains hell on you.

Coach squad includes:

Coach Benny Nutsck: Every game is a Superbowl game for Coach Benny Nutsck. Benny doesn’t care if you’re down by 4 touchdowns, he wants you to risk severe bodily impairment on every play.

Coach Vinny Razantinno: The closest Coach Razantinno got to stepping into the ring was getting his USA boxing fan card. This doesn’t stop Razantinno. He deliberately seeks out students he perceives to be weaker than him and evens the score.

Coach Ivan Horvat: Wanna drop kick in the face? This Russian fighting machine is capable of bifurcating a block of stacked Russian lumber with his forehead. If he hits… you will not like it.

Coach Wai Tin Tin: Coach Wai Tin is as weak as he looks. Known for the occassional binge drinking session before a workout, Coach Wai just doesn’t know what he’s doing. Just remember to wear your cup!

These coaches are here to raise the level of your game. Press on the face of the coach and get just the tongue lashing you need. We challenge you to not laugh. Get it now.

Be sure to have your volume set to high and not on vibrate to hear the coaches!