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Cover the sheep

Cover the sheep

Price: $0.99

It’s my pleasure to introduce you our latest game named Cover the Sheep, which has been launched on iTunes. And we want to launch our game also the review information in your website. Would you please inform the operation processes? It will be so kind if you can tell us whether we need to write a review, or you will write for us, or whether it charges. Thanks very much.

Our Name : DreamBrother Technologies Ltd
Our Email :
App Title : Cover the sheep
APP Store URL :
Website URL :
Release Date : 21/07/2011

Here’s an introduction of our game:
“Cover the Sheep” consists of 60 levels, as well as 4 different scenes. And in different level, you will meet different traps and barriers which can help the little sheep to prevent the wolf’s landing. Meanwhile, when the sheep evades all traps and barriers, you win! Conversely, you lost the game. The lovely little sheep will be wolf’s dinner.
In the game, the traps and barriers are totally different, including pillars, rivers, air fans, springs, flames, electric current, rain and traps filled with thorns. The different functions of them are as follow: pillars can separate the sheep from the wolf; rivers are a method to escape the wolf’s chase (whoever fall in the river, he will be dead.); air fans can accelerate the speed of rising and landing, the rain’s function is opposite; spring, as the name describes, is a tool to bounce; flame, electric current and thorns are the most dangerous, and when you touch them, the sheep will be dead at once.
In the different place of every level, you can find three apples which can increase your scores when you got it. The more apples you will eat, the higher scores you will get. There are three types of points-scoring system: easy, normal, hard. Three of them match three apples.
The game clearance is very easy for players, but getting the highest scores is the most challenging.