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Crazy Cats Love

Crazy Cats Love

Price: 0.99

You don’t often see the name Shakespeare in a puzzle game. Don’t worry, it’s only a reference. Crazy Cat Love does not contain Auld English. In fact, it doesn’t contain much text at all. There’s no need. It’s a physics-based puzzle game. Mentioned that already, but wanted to make sure the word “Shakespeare” doesn’t scare you off.

The big S. wrote about star crossed lovers. Romeo and Juliet. Tragic. We have Ferkle and Maude. Ok, the names are a bit tragic in their own right, but here’s the thing. These two Crazy Cats are meant to be together. But their family is moving and they’ve been split apart.
So you can avoid the second greatest tragedy in romantic history by keeping them together. Because…well, keeping them apart could cause global warming – or climate change or whatever it’s called this week, economic collapse, a rain of asteroids, alien invasions – plural, volcanoes, hurricanes, plagues of locusts, and a general feeling of malaise. (Look it up.)

But solving the puzzles and keeping them together could earn you stars. More stars if you do it quickly. So what do you want? Stars or world calamity*? You choose. It’s all on you. Do the right thing. Or spend countless sleepless nights realizing you were the cause of everything bad that happens. **

Shakespeare didn’t have a physic engine to keep his lovers together. But Crazy Cats Love does.

There’ll be Flipping. Flying, Falling…Ok, ran out of F’s….well, usable ones. But there’s Shifting, Spinning, Sliding. Tumbling, Turning, Twisting. Explosions , Excitement…ok, enough alliteration.

It’s 130 levels of puzzle goodness with things like giant fans and explosions you set off.

There are some screenshots here:

Easy to use interface – just jump right into the game. (No Shakespeare text, we promise.) Great for cat lovers… And not so bad for cat haters either since you are bouncing the pair around a fair bit.

Crazy Cats Love. Fast and “fur”-ious fun. ***

*World calamity is not guaranteed by not playing Crazy Cats Love. We apologize to all those seeking the End of Days via puzzle games. Please look elsewhere.

**Ok. It’s not all your fault. But there is that tiny chance these things are connected. So play the game. Just to be on the safe side.

***We do apologize for the pun. There was no real need. We are ashamed. Just had to get it out of our system. Sorry. Really, really sorry. Please play the game and reduce our dependence on puns.