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Diet Butler – Daily Food Notifier Alarm with Virtual Fridge

Diet Butler – Daily Food Notifier Alarm with Virtual Fridge

Price: $1.99

● Tired of trying endless diet plans?

● Ever wished you had support?

● Ever wanted a personal trainer to motivate you every now and then?

● Do you wonder why all your diet plans fail?

Stop wondering!!

A good diet is not achieved by endless trying. It is one you stick to. And Diet Butler does just that: it motivates you to stick to your diet plan!

Why Diet Butler?

Diet Butler is not like those typical diet apps. No complex numerics. No calories-burnt count. Not too many complicated questions or calculations. With a simple metrics and timely alerts, it lets you manage your diet plans without excuses.

★★Diet Butler allows you to input any diet plan you have.★★

You can input anything – from the ones you buy from stores to the ones you add to make your sandwich. You can grow your database in time and keep adding your favorite foods to your database. Apart from Diet Butler\’s large database, you can choose and calculate from your favorite foods/recipes too.

Diet Butler comes with diverse features that help you stick to your diet:

● Calculator: Fill in your statistics for the day and get to know your ideal calorie intake. You can input every other data, right from your sex, age and height to the hours/nature of work-outs you did for the day. In no time, Diet Butler will give you the recommended daily calorie intake.

● Calendar: Choose your desired foods from the product categories and set what you desire to take for the day. You will be notified accordingly.

● Diet Notifier: Diet Butler lets you know “It\’s dinner time”. Yes. The app alerts you with push notifications and informs you when it is time to eat.

● Create Recipes: Input as many recipes as you can from your favorite books or magazines.

● Meals: Choose to eat as many meals as you wish to make up your daily calorie total.

● My Days: This is your personal favorite option. You can input all your favorite recipes, name them and save them in My Days. You can create great many \’My Days\’ and stick to eating them!

● Virtual Fridge: With Diet Butler, you can see the food you are about eat. You can see the food in Diet Butler\’s virtual fridge as soon as you enter the app.

● Define your diet goals: You can customize your goals clearly by selecting a specific diet plan. More plans will be available in the next updates.

★★A good diet is one you stick to. Diet Butler lets you stick to your diet plan.★★

★★Diet Butler tells you “Its Dinner Time”★★