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Draw the USA

Draw the USA

Price: 1.99

“Challenge your art and memorization skills with Draw the USA! This video course will teach you how to draw all 50 US states and put them together for a comprehensive map of the country!

With this app, you’ll:
• Impress your teachers by drawing the entire USA from memory
• Help your child learn every state’s abbreviation and spelling
• Never fail a geography class using our 5 secret memorization tricks

But wait, there’s more!
• The single best method for simplifying complex drawings
• Master each state\’s tiniest details and features
• Don\’t waste a cent on expensive art classes

And even more!
• Name, spell and draw every Hawaiian island
• Draw the USA in under two minutes, beating Al Franken’s time
• Jumpstart your career as a map illustrator
• Create a patriotic mural for your community fire station

Each video lesson in the series is hosted by Ken O’Brien, an expert artist and experienced drawing teacher. Ken, a former art and animation major at Cal Arts, has worked as a video game level designer and storyboard artist for such companies as Activision and WayForward Games.

With in-depth tutorials on every state, this app divides the USA into four quadrants to make learning easy! You’ll also get great tips on drawing the country from memory. And stay tuned for lessons on drawing maps of other countries and the whole world!

So do your duty, citizen, and get drawing!”