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Drums 4 Fun

Drums 4 Fun

Price: 0,99

Do you want to play drums on your iPhone / iPod Touch like a real drummer?
Are you listening your preferred song and do you wish to play drums on it?
That’s GOOD!!! ”DRUMS 4 FUN” is the application for you!!!

With “Drums 4 Fun“, you can play 4 different kind of drums (many others coming soon…):
1) with 2 cymbals and 2 toms (standard drums)
2) with 3 cymbals and 2 toms (drums with crash)
3) with 2 toms and 1 left cymbal
4) with 2 toms and 1 right cymbal
5) just with snare, hi-hat and crash
So, you can choose drums you prefer!!!
Sounds in Drums 4 Fun are fully configurable!!! With Drums 4 Fun you can choose sounds of individual elements in your drums (snare, toms, cymbals, kick, and so on…) and configure your custom drums!!!
For example, if you want, you can choose between many types of snare, or crash
This is the unique iPhone / iPod Touch app that let you choose and customize your drums.
However, if you are impatient and you wish to play immediately, there are 4 pre-configured sound sets!
And you can mix your preferred drums with your best sounds!
So, what are you waiting for? Download Drums 4 Fun!
“Drums 4 Fun” come with high quality sounds (sounds are recorded by original instruments, for the best experience!). And you can set them using application or iPhone Settings. Easy, isn’t it?
It runs on iPhone or iPod Touch (and also on new iPad, now!).
You can also choose a song from your song list and play it in background using iPod Application, directly from “Drums 4 Fun“.
So, you can play drums together with your best singer.
Do you like it? Get “Drums 4 Fun“, and enjoy yourself with the unique true drums for iPhone!
Download and Enjoy!!!
Special price!
Time limited!