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Easy Cooking Timer

Easy Cooking Timer

Price: 2.99

With Easy Cooking Timer, cooking pasta will never be the same again!

How many times did you forget a pot of boiling water on the burner? The result was evaporated water and a burnt pot! Do you like your pasta al dente the Italian way, but you never got to figure out the right cooking time? Easy Cooking Timer is the application for you!

Easy Cooking Timer uses a catchy and realistic graphic interface to calculate for you the exact water boiling time.
Insert the data about the water temperature, your burner and the amount of water in the pot, then start the timer. Easy Cooking will let you know with sounds and vibrations when to add the pasta to the water.
When the water is boiling, add the pasta and set its cooking time: the App timer will ring and let you know it is ready! Just drain the pasta and savour your meal!

Pro features:
The complete version of Easy Cooking Timer allows you to set the following items in a user- friendly and easy way:
the litres of water in your pot
the dimensions of your burner
the flame intensity
the starting temperature of the water in your pot
and to decide whether to add salt to cold or hot water

Discover Easy Cooking Timer, the useful and fun application for your iPhone or iPad.

Easy Cooking Timer, the only application for cooking pasta the Italian way!