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Egg Guardian

Egg Guardian

Price: 1


We’re proud to announce the release of ‘Egg Guardian’ and ‘Egg Guardian Lite’ for iPhone
and iPod Touch, the latest game by Malecki Development. ‘Egg Guardian’ is a unique
puzzle game packed with a fantastic physics engine.

In the game, a chicken, named Susie, has fallen asleep in a tree. The only problem is that
she is expecting to hatch an egg at any moment! It’s the player\’s job to make sure that the
egg reaches the nest. The egg will drop and the player has to draw lines, guiding the egg
to safety. Along the way the player will have to make big decisions, as they come across
dangerous farm equipment. Navigating the obstacles is a big challenge but is definitely fun
and very addicting.

The game is simple to play, yet hard to master, with over 40 levels in the full version to
keep the player occupied. As the player progresses, the game gets harder and harder. It
won’t be long before they’re hooked, trying to get 3 stars on every level. Before you know
it, hours will have past.

Featuring a cutting edge physics engine, providing the game with a flow, the egg can
bounce from one line to another just like in real life. At the same time, it looks fantastic,
with beautiful graphics that look brilliant on the Retina Display. With charming gameplay,
everyone will fall in love.

Game is priced at $0.99. A lite version is also available for free, with selected levels that will leave you wanting more.

Please contact us at ‘’ for any enquiries, or for a promo
code so that you can take a look at the game. You can also take a look at our website for
screenshots or further information.

Full Version:
Lite Version:

Promocodes for testing and running a contest are available. Please feel free to ask.

Best regards,