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Price: $4.99

EleMints is a totally interactive Periodic Table for the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, it not only offers a Periodic Table, but also a Plot Graph, Element listing, Molar Mass Calculator, and more. EleMints is a perfect companion for students and teachers in a chemistry class, scientists in the professional field, and everyone else wanting to settle their curiosities.

EleMints is divided into five sections, all easily available from the bottom of the screen:
• The Periodic Table can be shaded according to a particular property, and zoomed to get more information at a time.
• The Plot Graph allows trends in properties to be more identifiable, be it across a period, or down a group.
• The Element Listing lists all the elements ordered by a property of your choosing.
• The Articles Library regroups a variety of chemistry topics.
• The Molar Mass Calculator calculates a variety of substances in style.

The Properties panel gives a comprehensive view at all of an element’s properties and values, complete with simple definitions and an electron diagram supporting even sub-shells.

Additionally, all of EleMints’ modes will rotate themselves for both Portrait and Landscape orientations.

EleMints currently supports all of the following properties, with more to come in future updates:
• Classification
• Electronegativity
• Melting Point
• Boiling Point
• Physical State
• Density
• Oxidation States
• Specific Heat Capacity
• Crystal Structure
• Empirical Atomic Radius
• Calculated Atomic Radius
• Covalent Radius
• Van der Waals Radius
• Triple Bond Covalent Radius
• Metallic Radius
• Atomic Weight
• Period
• Group
• Block
• Number of Protons, Neutrons, Nucleons, and Electrons

Coming Soon:
• Isotopic Information
• Binding Energies
• Ionization Energies
• Equation Balancer

A built-in User Guide can be found by visiting the Articles Tab.