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EMPIRE: A Deck-Building Strategy Game

EMPIRE: A Deck-Building Strategy Game

Price: 2.99


Crazy Monkey Studios is pleased to announce EMPIRE, an innovative deck-building \”4X\” strategy game.  EMPIRE features a unique kind of gameplay that you can\’t find anywhere else, blending elegant tactical combat with exciting deck-building strategy.

EMPIRE features dozens of interesting cards which can be used in battle.  Drop magical meteors from the sky, charge your cavalry into the fray, or freeze enemy monsters in their place to gain the upper hand.  The procedurally generated world grows ever more dangerous, with new monsters spawning, destroying the land, and trying to raze the player\’s cities.

As well as an interactive tutorial and an in-game manual, the game also has achievements and supports GameCenter, Facebook and Twitter connectivity, allowing players to compete for high scores.

The game features gameplay design by game designer Keith Burgun, responsible for the critically-acclaimed iOS game \”100 Rogues\” and the upcoming \”AURO\”.  Martijn Holtkamp, the game\’s creative director, is a well-known industry veteran who has worked on the Age of Wonders series.  The game also features card artwork from notable concept artist Gilles Ketting.

EMPIRE will be available on iOS, and later on Android and PC, at a price of $2.99 USD.

To learn more about the game, visit

Do let me know if you need a Promo-code to check-out our game.

Trailer op YouTube:
iTunes link :