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Price: 1.99

G-Image provides a fast and easy way to search images/photos. It’s an ideal tool to search wallpapers, celebrity photos, icons, logos, etc.

Simply enter your search keyword or phrase, and tap the search button. G-Image will start fetching images and photos from Google, and displays them in a 3 x 3 thumbnail page. Swiping the thumbnail page will go to the previous or next page. You can keep swiping or tap ‘Go’ button to go to any page, or shake your iPhone/iPod touch to go to a random page. Tap a thumbnail to see the high quality original image/photo in a full screen mode, and then tap the action button at the bottom left to copy image, to save image to your photo albums, to go to original web site or to use the image as a wallpaper.

– Fast loading speed.
– Save image/photo to your photo albums.
– Support landscape full screen mode.
– Support advanced search option.
– Enable/Disable uncensored image/photo search (controlled by the filter inside advanced search option).
– Link to original web page.
– Use any image/photo as a wallpaper.
– Support high quality original image/photo.
– Copy image/photo and paste to other apps.
– Touch image/photo thumbnail to display a full-sized image/photo.
– Keep your last 20 search history.
– Swipe to delete record in the recent history.
– Go to any page from the search results.
– Swipe the thumbnail page to go to next/previous page.
– Shake your iPhone/iPod touch to go to a random page.
– Support image/photo zoom using the pinch gesture.
– Save the entire search keyword and settings.
– Support bookmarks

Advanced Search Option:
– Control the search results by content type (any content, news content, faces, photo content, clip art, line drawings).
– Control the search results by size (any size, medium, large, icon, larger than 400×300, larger than 640×480, larger than 800×600, larger than 1024×768, larger than 2MP, larger than 4MP, larger than 6MP, larger than 8MP, larger than 10MP, larger than 12MP, larger than 15MP, larger than 20MP, larger than 40MP, larger than 70MP).
– Control the search results by file type (any type, JPG files, GIF files, PNG files, BMP files).
– Control the search results by color (any color, black and white, full color).
– Control the search results by filter (no filtering, use moderate filtering, use strict filtering).