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Hang in… Go!

Hang in… Go!

Price: $ 0,99


let me introduce, our small indie company, Sylphe labs s.r.l., based in Palermo, Sicily (Italy).

We are glad to announce that our first iOS game “Hang in… Go!” is now available on App Store.

Please do no hesitate to contact us at: for further information or materials on the game you should need and/or other promo codes.

Promo code: 69YRT6NT9PL6

Developer: Sylphe labs s.r.l.

Game title: Hang in… go!

Genre: Action/Puzzle

Device: iOS

State: Available on App Store

Price: € 0,79/$ 0,99

Minimum requirement: iPhone 3GS or better, iOS 4.1


Hang in… go! is an original concept based hang and run game, designed with Unity engine.

The hero, a small green jelly living blob, born from a failed experiment, will have to wonder through colorful dynamic worlds, by means only of his amazing tentacles that let him stick to almost every surface.

Learn how to control one or both tentacles to grapple, collect objects, swim or turn your hero into a sling.

Use one or two fingers to control the limbs or the device accelerometer to stretch, swing and alter the gravity in special areas.

The original design of the 6 worlds and the evocative and immersive sound tracks will bring you a cool game experience.

The 17 game levels will challenge your skill, dexterity and intuition with growing difficulty and length.


6 step-by-step tutorials. Teaching the basics of movement and game dynamics.

17 tricky growing length levels, full of cunning traps and life-saving check-points.

6 secret hidden areas unveiled by tiny clues spread all around levels, will let you improve your score.

3 or more hours of game play. Levels grows in difficulty and length. There are different ways to end each level, so the player must find the best route to maximize score and gain enough movement skills.

Multitouch user friendly interface without any on screen buttons or virtual pads.

Full interactive physics. Interact with a true physical environment by touch and device movement.

Special gravity areas. Discover funny special gravity situations like free gravity areas and underwater movement.

Challenging score system. Collect the more bonuses you can in the less time possible and improve your skill.

7 cool soundtrack. Enjoy the world inspired music themes.

Please visit “Hang in… go!” Web page:

or watch the video on You Tube:

you can also download some screenshots samples at the following link:

Thanks a lot for your kind attention.
Luca Alba – Sylphe labs s.r.l.