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Price: 0.99

HeadFinder is a modern and highly-efficient time manager

HeadFinder is a highly efficient application that helps its users to manage their time wisely. It treats hours and minutes as carefully as possible.

The amount of actions to operate the reminders is minimized – it takes just 3 taps to remember the important. That’s it! No extra taps for confirmation, scrolling or switching. The settings also include the default current date when creating a task, which saves another tap and a couple of seconds. Delaying a task is even easier than creating it. One tap – and it is easily delayed by a preset period.

See it for yourself»:

The app’s settings are both simple and functional. It takes minimum time to find your way around. The idea of simplicity is also seen in the app’s interface. It is really nice to “touch” thanks to intelligent graphics. Everything in the app is just in the right place and very intuitive.

Learn more about HeadFinder at its site:

HeadFinder is also easy to communicate with. It is always ready to give simple answers to any questions from the users. The programming team is eager to hear constructive critics and every next HF release is even simpler and easier to deal with.

See the newest release on iTunes:

HeadFinder is just 1 month old but it already ranks No.1 in Russia’s Top Paid Productivity and No.10 in Russia’s Top Paid. It is actively downloaded and keeps going higher and higher.

To make it easier for you, all the materials about the app are available in a press-kit: