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Healthy Alarm

Healthy Alarm

Price: $0.99

Hard time waking up in the morning? Want to start your day Active and Healthy?

***Introducing Healthy Alarm – the brighter way to start your day.***

Healthy Alarm starts your day actively – so that you can start your day with a smile on your face. Our smart alarm completely changes the way that you wake up – instead of snoozing, you must perform a few activities that are specifically designed to improve your waking pattern.

Healthy Alarm is great for anyone who simply cannot get up in the morning. It’s also great for anyone who wants to jump-start their day. We knew that getting up in the morning can be hard, and that is why Healthy Alarm was developed.

When your alarm sounds, simply perform on-screen exercises to complete the workout – and then the alarm will fall silent. The exercises were chosen to stretch muscles all around your body, without causing an uncomfortable sweat. Set multiple alarms for different days of the week and keep active every morning with your new wake-up buddy.


– A modern take on the conventional alarm clock!
– Perform exercises to turn the alarm off!
– Set multiple alarms.
– Repeat alarms on certain days.

This innovative way to wake-up lets you get on with your day feeling awake and refreshed. It’s a great to ensure that you won’t fall back asleep after the alarm sounds.

Just like any conventional alarm clock, you can change the time and alarm sounds. The difference is, there is no snooze button and you have to complete the exercises to turn the alarm off!

Start your day with Healthy Alarm and have a wonderful and healthy life!