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Home Bear

Home Bear

Price: £1.99

Introducing the charming and colourful world of Home Bear, the latest app from Dojit. It delivers bucket-loads of enjoyment in creating a mesmerising and family-friendly gaming experience on the move adorned with an optimistic world akin to child-friendly comforts of storybooks and Disney movies.

Comparable to retro games like Mario and Tetris, Home Bear is at its core an innovative puzzle game. With varying levels of difficulty, the game succeeds in entertaining with a pro-fun stance that is very addictive.

Children and parents will enjoy a world of marvel, tasked with helping the unbearably adorable little hero on his way home by overcoming the sometimes difficult obstacles in his path. With a touch screen and a thumb on hand, the adventure of Home Bear begins with an iridescent setting coupled with cheery music, candy to the eyes and ears.

The hero, your little companion, is a cuddly ball of fur that appeals to all ages and genders. No one can resist the charm and cuteness-factor of the teddy-like protagonist and the adventures home. Using your wits and ingenuity, solving the problem with an array of items like ladders and balloons available, gameplay is user-friendly to everyone.

The pretty graphics are reminiscent of a children\’s storybook, with vibrant colours and attractive character designs that will appeal to the youngsters. The pocket-sized game, decorated with lush environments, is enjoyable as you continue to progress through the difficult challenge.

At an affordable price, the story of Home Bear is an exciting adventure for the family to enjoy, with a unique twist on gaming that will definitely entertain and deliver warm satisfaction to all users.