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iDuelpro – Yu-gi-oh! Calculator

iDuelpro – Yu-gi-oh! Calculator

Price: 0.99$

You are in a Yu-gi-oh! duel and you want to show of your iPod Touch or iPhone?

We have for you the ultimate lifepoints aid, iDuelpro Mobile!

You can either buy iDuelpro Mobile and buy yourself a booster pack or a nice card on eBay with the rest of the money or spend all your money on an expensive lifepoints calculator for the iPhone or iPod Touch which is less powerful and unhandy.

(i)Duelpro has been pleasing and receiving good comments from about 500.000 duelists worldwide including the best and is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac OSX and Windows.

Want to become a dueling champion? iDuelpro is the next step in that direction.

-Lifepoint tracking for you and your opponent.
-Progress bars to get a quick view who’s losing and who’s winning
-Quick subtract/add buttons to control lifepoints with one touch
-Ability to subtract/add a custom amount of LP
-Ability to halve lifepoints
-Dice and Coin simulation, so you always have them at hand
-Ability to undo the last move
-Ability to declare a draw
-A kill button for e.g. Exodia/Destiny Board
-Superfast calculating speeds
-Can also be used for Magic! The gathering
-The easiest interface for a lifepoints calculator ever!


-“There is no Yu-gi-oh! LPC which has the same simple single touch interface like iDuelpro”


You did a wonderful job on the update from a month or two ago. HALVE LP button is great, and quickly losing the 10,000 point thing was great too!”

*NOTE: The next version of iDuelpro will feature auto-save of the lifepoints/stats and a better dice/coin system. This new version is already submitted and should appear somewhere next week so take this into account when commenting. The auto-save is already added to iDuelpro Lite.
Also making an online Yu-gi-oh! dueling system would be impossible since this would require approval from KONAMI. *

Yu-gi-oh!, Exodia and Destiny Board are registrerd trademarks of KONAMI CORPORATION.