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Ikaro Racing HD

Ikaro Racing HD

Price: Free

With Ikaro Racing HD you are the pilot of a high performance airplane racing for life at low altitude against a fleet of colorful peers in a breathtaking scenario, working your way from apprentice to full-fledged ace pilot. 

Enjoy and explore the magnificent scenario of the city with all its skyscrapers, fly at low altitude over the water of a calm laguna at dusk, enjoy the beauty of an Arizona canyon under the noon sun. 

Ikaro Racing HD has been designed to take full advantage of the iPad 2 and the iOS platform. 
This is not one of the many flight simulation games you can find in the App Store.
This is THE RACING 3D FLIGHT SIMULATOR, nothing else comes close. Try to believe !! 

All of this and more is part of the Ikaro Racing HD experience. 
The airplanes are designed with maniacale care for the details, cameras from all directions will make you experience the emotion of flight in a way that you have never dreamed of.

Hi, we have published a new game called
Ikaro Racing HD
It’s a Free 2 Play 3D Air Racing Game.
It’s becoming very popular at the moment and we suggest to check it out.
If you need a promo to unlock the full game please contact me at my email.

Ikaro Racing HD


Youtube Video

Best regards
Francesco Mattioli
Marketing & Communication
NuOxygen Game Publishing