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We would like to ask you to review “InfinityRace Game for iPhone,iPad,iPod” on your site. It’s unique app, no analogs in

Thousands of drivers in the world are testing this technology to become the future and save our planet.

InfinityRace is a fun and addictive video game exclusively made for iOS, compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad

InfinityRace is your oportunity to drive the most advanced and revolutionary racing car, called Pro-Type, developed with clean and safe energy, using two sources of natural energy: gravity and beans, creating the “gravity-beans” energy fusion.

The touch screen of your device is divided into two, pressing the right part you’ll have an extra gravitational impuslse which you can take advantage of to take you gracefully sloping into the mountains.

On the other side is the energy obtained when picking beans along the way, these beans are digested and gravity-beans are transformed into extra propulsion by pressing the button on the left side of the screen.

Your mission is to bring this gravity-powered vehicle as far as possible, through mountains and bridges, and sunny and rainy weather… it will probably take you several days to do so!

The graphics and music immerse you in a minimalist world that is generated dynamically as the game progresses.

Here is info page:

iTunes link:

We will be glad to provide you as many promo codes as you need for
testing and for running contests/competitions on your site.

Best Regards,
Kim Angel