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Price: Free

Invotrak for the iPhone is a FREE app that allows users to create and track invoices, create and send PDF copies to clients, record time spent on projects, and manage client contact information all from the iPhone.

Designed for freelancers, small-business owners, consultants, and anyone who issues invoices, the Invotrak app on the iPhone can be used anywhere. Create professional invoices using your phone, email them to your clients, track payments, and more.

Invotrak is the only app in the App Store that combines all the features of invoice and time-tracking along with a killer web application.

The Invotrak app allows users to:

* Create invoices and track the status of invoices
* Generate professional-looking PDFs from 5 built-in templates
* Track billable time with the Timesheets feature (including a handy built-in timer)
* Create invoices from timesheet entries and line items
* Email invoices to clients and manage client information

Check out the following 1-minute overview video to get a better understanding of what the app is all about:

There are quite a few apps in the App Store that provide some of the features of Invotrak (such as tracking invoices or timesheets), but none that combine everything with great looking templates and synchronization with a complete web application.

Some key facts about Invotrak:

* The app is free and requires an account (also free, can be created when starting up the app for the first time)
* Employee accounts can be created on to allow more restrictive access for a company’s employees
* Free accounts come with several restrictions (such as 2 invoices per month, and limited use of the templates), with upgrade pricing starting at $9/month
* This version is almost a complete rewrite of the existing app based on user feedback
* has been in business since 2007 and has quite a few additional neat features, like reports, client access, and more.