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Price: 4.99

Imagine yourself getting ready to leave for a prayer meeting and suddenly your phone rings. One of the girls in the youth group was involved in a car accident and is now in the hospital in stable condition. You quickly write down the information on a piece of paper and hang up. As you stand up, an urgent email appears indicating that a church member was just laid off. You make a mental note to call later this afternoon. Then on your way out the door, someone mentions that their uncle was just diagnosed with cancer and would like you to stop by. You get in the car and realize that you forgot to schedule the premarital counseling session…

If you are a pastor, missionary, elder, staff member, or volunteer at a church, then iPastor is the app for you! iPastor is the first iPhone app that allows you to more effectively minister to the members of the church.

iPastor allows you to:

* Record an unlimited number of ministry needs
* Assign multiple categories to a particular person’s needs
* Assign multiple care strategies to address the need
* Record notes as you address the need
* Track how the person is associated with your church (member, friend, etc)
* Record relevant contact information
* Delegate a ministry need to another person
* Sort needs according to situation, care strategy, or by delegate
* Review fulfilled needs for historical record, reminders, followup etc.

“People in ministry are so busy nowadays given the current economic conditions and the impact it is having on families.” said Bryan Bowers, founder of Bowers Technologies, Inc. “Pastors were asking us for an app like this based on their specific needs. Naturally we wanted to help make their lives a little easier and created the app. This is our way of thanking those who diligently serve others in the church.”