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Price: 0.99$

Why wait to edit your pictures on your computer when you can edit them directly on your iPhone?

With iPhix you can view images, apply 16 various effects and filters on images going from grayscale/sepia to a blinds effect, mask images with various shapes to make romantic pictures or round edges, edit images and resize them by entering a pixel size or a percentual size.

NOTE: Only supports 320×320 output at the moment, iPhix will ask you to resize or crop in a simple dialog. This will be fixed soon, we\’re working hard to enable full resolution support, but keep in mind that an iPhone is a phone and not a supercomputer.

Features :
-Load images
-Save images back to the iPhone’s photo-roll
-Reset images clearing all operations
-Resize images by entering a size in pixels
-Resize images by entering a percentual size
-Apply filters (*see filter list)
-Apply masks (**see mask list)
-View the website
-Access the online help file

*Filters :
Grayscale, Sepia, Inverse, Monochrome, Red, Green, Blue, GRB, Egalize (to 16 colors), Egalize (to 125 colors), Egalize (to 2072 colors), Stretch pixels, Blinds, Stripes, Diagonal dark, Diagonal light

**Masks :
Heart, Paw (Dog), Curve edged rectangle, Round edges

All of this is accompanied by a sleek black interface.

Will be improved and expanded regularly.

If anyone has more idea’s please send them to us or put them in a review and help us improve iPhix to your needs. But if you can’t show a little respect for the developers and clearly explain what’s wrong, don’t expect any support at all.