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iphone game:3 Kingdoms Combat : Rise of Shu

iphone game:3 Kingdoms Combat : Rise of Shu

Price: $1(free now)

ios game:3 Kingdoms Combat : Rise of Shu
\”3 Kingdoms Combat : Rise of Shu\” is a fighting game based on the Three Kingdoms period of China. It provides a PVP platform with the card game format. In the Battle Mode, you can control characters on your own in battles. With the stages you come across, you can enlist more and more different characters. It is just like that you watch the rise of the state of Shu Han, following the steps of LIU Bei, the founder of the state.
For each stage/battle, you can select three battle characters and one military counsellor with you. During the battle, you can switch the active battle character among the three ones you chose anywhere anytime. Skillfully use different characters in different situations to help you pass through stages and defeat bosses again and again.
Battle Mode
The Battle Mode, in a more understandable name, is the story mode. In the view of a third person, you control your characters to battle in the stage and destroy enemies wave by wave. After clearing up one stage, the next one is then unlocked. The new series of the game will be opened to you, only when you passed through all stages of the last series. After a stage is unlocked to you, you can challenge it again and again. But for each time you re-challenge, a certain number of tokens will be consumed. As time pass by, tokens will slowly restore themselves, but you can also use paid items to restore some tokens.
After a stage cleared, you can open a treasure case. There’s also a probability to get battle characters and military counselors from the case. Every time, in a maximum of 3 battle characters and one military counselor can be selected to enter a battle. You should prepare arms for each character enters the battle.