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iPocket Coach

iPocket Coach

Price: $0.99

Managers have to navigate daily through many decisions at work. Effective communication is critical to getting work done. The iPocket Coach app provides managers an easy coaching reference tool that offers guidance across several common people management categories:


Each category is associated with a key points summary. Key points provide an overview of the category and define essential takeaways. Managers use this summary to form a holistic approach to their communications whether speaking to an employee, peer, or the boss. The guidance doesn’t stop there. iPocket Coach provides sample statements targeted to specific workplace scenarios. These statements can be used as starter scripts, or to jump start thinking about a conversation.

Managers don’t have much time to find needed words of wisdom to help them balance leadership and business demands. Building and maintaining teams is challenging and sometimes it’s hard thinking of the right words to say under stressful circumstances. This difficulty is solved with iPocket Coach. Get the help you need when you need it. A true coach in your pocket!

Note: You must have version OS 3.0 installed on your device. iPocket Coach was developed by Tony Deblauwe, coach and workplace expert with 15 years experience in Human Resources. Tony is the founder of HR4Change, an HR consulting services company. All material has been researched and used in real work settings to ensure solid support and guidance.

How can iPocket Coach help you? Visit to post your comments and feedback for content updates in future releases. On the website you’ll also find more resources to help you be a better manager.