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iSayHello English-German

iSayHello English-German

Price: $1.99

A spontaneous holiday flirtation on the beach in Acapulco, or a lost suitcase at Heathrow airport – these kinds of experiences can often leave one at a loss for words. Who can say they’ve always got the right words at the right moment? The iSAYHELLO language course provides new freedom to all those who like to remain confident and ready to converse in such situations.

This easy-to-use talking travel dictionary with superb audio output is more of a vocabulary trainer and dictionary than a translation program. Admovi has developed iSAYHELLO to equip all iPhone/iPod Touch owners with a simple and portable as well as active basic vocabulary in 10 compact lessons!

The phrases – professionally spoken by native speakers – provide additional support for learning the correct pronunciation, and facilitate your understanding abroad – iSAYHELLO to the world!

The iSAYHELLO features:

+ 10 lessons, with vocabulary and spoken phrases for the situations that occur most frequently when travelling or on vacation.
+ the natural voice, to the highest standards of quality and professionalism!
+ all texts are spoken by native speakers!
+ effortlessly simple user prompting!
+ the most popular phrases always available at a glance!
+ fully functional offline application – unencumbered operation!

iSAYHELLO grants you linguistic knowledge in 10 clearly laid-out lessons:

+ Everyday Use
+ Arrival / Customs
+ Greetings
+ Smalltalk
+ Hotel / Money
+ Shopping
+ Meals & Drinks
+ Flirt
+ Emergencies
+ Numbers

Other language courses available in the Admovi App Store:

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+ English Course
+ Italian Course
+ French Course
+ Portuguese Course (Latin/EU)
+ Polish Course
+ German Course