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iTap & Prank

iTap & Prank

Price: .99

Since the dawn of mankind, man has yearned to play the perfectly timed prank on his fellow man. A new day has come… finally you can discreetly generate a prank sound spontaneously! Select your prank, put your iPhone in your pocket or bag, wait for the right moment, double-tap your iPhone and watch your prank unfold.

Prank your girlfriend’s driving as she reverses over the cat, reclaim the best seat in the house when the “doorbell” rings, or impress your boss with the sound of frantic typing as you perfect that paper plane. You can even congratulate yourself with an impromptu round of applause after a well executed prank!

Pranking is an art form — Michelangelo didn’t use a toothbrush to paint the Sistine chapel, Kubrick didn’t shoot a movie with a kinetograph and Hendrix didn’t rock Woodstock with a ukulele — so if you want to create your pranking masterpiece you’ll need iTap & Prank.

Disclaimer: iTap & Prank will make you so popular, you may need to download our upcoming apps (iTap & Go and iTap & Text) in order to cope with your new found fame.


· A double-tap initiates a prank sound on demand.
· Unique double-tap accelerometer technology.
· Adjust sensitivity of accelerometer to your needs.
· iOS 5 compatible.
· Advert free.
· Create your own prank with a built-in voice recorder.
· Playlist feature that allows you to play a succession of different pranks.
· 50 prank sound affects.
· Sound categories include: Animal, Comedy, Human, House, Office, Transport, Horror & Sci-Fi, Weapons & Explosions and Other Sounds.

Note: Do not press the unlock/off button after iTap & Prank is activated as this will prevent the accelerometer from working and disable the app. iTap & Prank automatically shuts down your screen and puts the iPhone into a power saving mode.