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Price: USD0.99

A must-have utility for electronics enthusiasts – whether you are a student, engineer, teacher, DIY-er, technician, or a designer. It is easy to use and extremely handy when you are working on your bench, without access to your personal computer. Get results, fast!

* 4,5,6-band resistor color codes translation from value entered and vice versa.
* For the 4-band tool, it also displays equivalent value of Ceramic Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, Inductors and chip resistors. Also available a tool to translate Electrolytic capacitor’s voltage rating codes.
* Ability to detect if the resistor value chosen is of EIA Standards or not.
* If value entered is not found, the nearest value will be shown.
* Shows the color codes in words, to prevent misinterpretation of colors.
*Ohm\’s Law, Charge and Capacitance, Transistor Gain and Time Constant equation calculator.
* A simple flashlight (with 4 colors – white,red,green,blue). Useful for video color referencing. Starts always with a white light. The light is particularly useful if you are soldering away in a dark place or cannot find that component that just dropped from the table.
* Tone generator – generate tone/test signals from your iPhone. Choose a frequency and it will play it in a loop. Also available is the Sweep function where the tone is produced for the whole range of frequencies – from 20Hz to 20kHz (useful to measure frequency response of a system). And yes, switch on that 20kHz to rid off insects if you are soldering in the woods! Also available a White and Pink noise generator.
*Beautiful graphics.

*Circuit Calculators:
-Calculate the total value for parallel R or L, and series C.
-Calculate and design your voltage divider circuit.
-Calculate and design your zener voltage reference circuit.
-Calculate and design your LED circuit.
– Calculate and design your RC filters – High pass/Low pass/Band pass.
-Calculate and design your Regulators’/Power Transistors’ power dissipation and calculate its required heat sink sizes.
-Calculate and design your Inverting and Non-inverting Operational Amplifiers.