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iVanity Elegant

iVanity Elegant

Price: USD1.99

The perfect makeup app for women. Ever wonder how you would look like with blue eyes? Thicker/longer eyelashes? Bug eye shades? Or you just like to experiment stuffs on your face, but don\’t want to spend much trying and buying various products? Meet iVanity Elegant – give your beautiful face the touch ups it needs.

What You Can Do With This App:
√ Apply makeups and accessories to your portrait photo.
√ Fully customize each makeups and accessories – move, rotate, resize and adjust their amounts.
√ For makeup items, you can colorize them to any color you like!
√ Apply Greyscale effects on the final results.
√ Publish your work to FACEBOOK or Save to Photo Album
√ Convert your work to wallpaper – add customized text – Personalize your device or your partner\’s device with your portrait.
√ Makeup Advisor for selected makeup items.

Only the Best Features For You!:
√ A variety of eye/contacts designs to choose from.
√ Thicker eyelashes with variety of eyeshadows specifically for different types of eyes
√ A variety of blushes\’ types specifically for different types of face shapes.
√ A variety of lipstick shapes to choose from.
√ A variety of glasses and shades to choose from.
√ Colorize each items to your liking!
√ Get advises from MakeUps Advisor!

Future Updates:
-More varieties of items to be added continuously.
-More functions to be added (cannot be revealed here)