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Joes Poker HD

Joes Poker HD

Price: $1.99

App Name: Joes Poker HD
Developer: Joe Pitto
Category: Games
Genre: Card/Casino

Headline: The most addictive Poker App for your iPad.

Tired of losing your money in those Poker Slot Machines?… That is a thing of the past now with this all new innovative Poker game. Take this entertaining game into your device and straight to the palm of your hands for countless hours of fun. The graphics now in HD for impressive visuals.

The Poker App that will occupy every spare minute of your day. Take Poker to another level of fun!
Hundreds of other players have already joined the Poker sensation.
Now brought to you exclusively for the iPad with stunning graphics, sound and extra features.
The original Joes American Poker was included in Apples \’What\’s Hot Section\’ and in the \’New & Noteworthy Section\’.
Take the Poker Machine in the palm of your hands for an amazing price. Don\’t miss out.

It is time for everyone to relax, bring out their iPads and play Joes Poker HD.
Once you play this game you will not want to play any other Poker games, it is the easiest to play, yet the most addicting of the lot.
It plays just like the real \’American Poker\’ slot machines. It\’s like taking the real machines with you, so get ready to play it when and where you want.

The beauty lies on how simple this game is for everyone, enjoyed by both the younger and the older generation.
One of the strong points in this game is the ability to increase your scores by using the \’Double-Up\’ feature. How it works is very simple, just guess the colour of the next card, it can either be black or red, so there is a 50% chance that you can win. If your guess is correct you will increase your points, hit the Jackpot and get all the points at stake.
Joes Poker can be enjoyed for as little as 5 min or for as long as hours and hours.

Players who want an extra challenge can take this game to another level and compete with their friends, family or other players from all around the world using the \’Online Score Charts\’ which hosts upto 150 participants. Become the best at the best.

What Poker Players have said about the iPhone/iPod touch version.

– It plays just like the real thing but you only need to spend £0.59 / $0.99 once.
– I really can\’t put this game down. The online score entices you to keep at it till you hit the No.1 spot.
– Love the Doubling feature, you can go all the way up to the Jackpot, if you lose you don\’t really mind, you don\’t lose any real money.
– I am enjoying this game every moment, the sounds, the interaction, its simple, fun and addictive.
– At last the perfect App to save me lots of money from playing the Real Machine.

What are you waiting for, grab this much improved version of American Poker exclusively re-designed for your iPad.

2011 Joe Pitto
Indie Developer

One Person, with the motivation, experience and passion of a hundred men.
To bring and introduce a whole new gaming experience to players.
Bringing digital entertainment to both the younger and older generation.

Joe Pitto
Indie Dev
+350 54018603


Official Website:

App Official Link: