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Kick Rugby

Kick Rugby

Price: 0.99

I wondered whether you’d review my new game for me please?

It’s called ‘ Kick Rugby ‘ and I have released it in time for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand on 9th September.

Essentially, the purpose of the game is to kick successful goals over three levels (progressively difficult) to win the coveted Rugby World Cup.

There are two factors as to whether you score a goal or not, which are ‘Wind’ and ‘Power’.
Each level has a ‘wind effect’, which is viewable in the top left hand corner of the screen.
When kicked, the ball will go in the direction the wind is blowing. You have to compensate for this element.
In the right hand side of the screen, the user will see a ‘Power arrow’ indicator. This arrow will move between red and green in colour.
When the colour of the arrow is full green, then the power of kick will be high speed and ball will fly it’s furthest, therefore the best!
When the colour of arrow is full red, then the power of kick will be low speed and ball will hardly move at all, therefore the worst!
The player must tap on the screen where they think the ball should be kicked, to take account of the prevailing Wind and Power level indicator .

Great simple game,… just when you think you’ve got it licked…you miss…and then try again!!

Just what you need at half time in a rugby match and for only $0.99c/£0.69p!!

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I have completed just one video (hope its ok)

iTunes code for overview: