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League of RPS

League of RPS

Price: Free


We would like to ask you to review “League of RPS”, a game for iPhone & iPad, on your site.

“League of RPS” is the world first strategic “RPS” online game that 10 people can play at once.
It is a card game with strategies, psychological battles.
Players have a limited time to guess the match of other player’s cards composition.
And there are lots of items and avatars which increase the fun of the game.
Now thousands of people enjoy this game in one of the eastern countries and it’s listed on top in popularity & sales.

** Features **
– 10 people can play at once.
– The player will be paid 6 cards in random and play until the cards are out.
– The winner can choose and get one of cards used at the game he won.
– Play with guessing the match of player’s cards composition.(Strategy & Psychological warfare)
– Various items (a Magnifier, a Reflection Mirror, an Invincible Card, a Booster)
– Various Avatars with personalities.
– Buying items/tickets with stars from games.
– Everyday 20 games for free

iTunes link:

For more informations and screenshots, please check the link below:

We will be glad to provide you as much information as you need for writing a review.
If you have any questions, please contact us:

Best Regards,
Will Skasgard