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Mafia vs. Police

Mafia vs. Police

Price: 0


We are Dankolab, game development company, and we are pleased to introduce new game “Mafia vs. Police” where players get to know Crime and Laws from inside.

“MAFICE v. POLICE” is logical (puzzle) game where only you decide whether to evolve Mafia’s ways of Police’s authority.

A player after building career step-by-step will understand perfectly how this world runs! So he should plan every step because it may influence who will win and rule the town.

Thugs unite into Gangs and launder their dirty money via bars and casinos. Police and FBI oppose it and send them to prison. But Real Business is dealt between Clan leaders and Godfathers, between Police Chiefs and Ministers! When you became one you’ll know what makes this world run..
A player may support Mafia to unite or Police’s authority to grow.

Be careful! Don\’t lose control on the situation. “Mafia vs.Police” is as simple to play as it is addicting.

Feature Highlights:

-Real structure of Mafia clans and Police
-Catchy characters
-Comfortable interface
-Simple and understandable game’s process
-10 theme’s views of the game’s field
-Sound and music which makes you creep

Players can also choose to share their completion time to see how they stack up against other players across the globe, even sharing scores on Facebook and Twitter.

The Game supports Retina Display

App home:
iTunes link:

Our Facebook page: mafiavspolice
Join us in Twitter @mafiavspolice

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Best regards,
Daniel Wrana