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Mahjong Wall

Mahjong Wall

Price: $1.99

Mahjong Wall gameplay includes building the Great Wall by removing matching free pairs of tiles, changing Season tiles and using Special Moves to free blocked tiles, and completing the Wall by deducing the Joker’s mystery partner. Mahjong Wall includes popup help while learning the game, awesome animation, and great sound effects that play along with your iPod® music.

Features of Mahjong Wall for the iPhone and iPod touch include:

10 tile sets
15 Oriental background paintings
200 ancient proverbs from the Old Master for games won

Unavailable tiles are dimmed
Different highlight colors for Seasons (cyan), Dragons (orange), and other tiles (green)
Yellow highlighting cautions you of unwise moves

Each swipe right shows next free pair
Each swipe left will undo previous moves
Swipes up/down change opacity of paintings (solid colors and tinted paintings possible)

Change tile sets and paintings during games
Start current game over
Current game state saved

Sound effects play along with iPod music (Settings option)
New games can use random tile sets and/or paintings (Settings option)
Popup Help displays gameplay tips while you learn the game (Settings option)



With the Promo Code below, I hope you can review my new iPhone & iPod touch game, Mahjong Wall, now available on the App Store.

Mahjong Wall adds more mystery, strategy, and challenge to the mahjong solitaire genre. Build the Great Wall as you remove free matching pairs from the Mountain, completing the Wall with the Joker and its mystery partner – deduced near the end of the game.

Season tiles are changed, not matched, and the Shuffle and Wind (N, S, E, W) tiles in the Wall provide opportunities to free up more tiles with these Special Moves: Shuffle Mountain Tiles, Change Prevailing Wind (free tile removal directions), and Slide Mountain Tile (to an adjacent stack).

Any help publicising this unique mahjong game is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Russell Wilson — Creator / Developer

Promo Code: KHJF6JXWLJ6K
(for U.S. iTunes store only, expires Jan 15th, 2010)

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