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Make Life Thrive

Make Life Thrive

Price: 0.99$

Make life thrive is an iPhone game that challenge your reflex and logic.
The game starts with an empty universe with a small stone in the middle of it.
During the party, this small stone will evolve into a planet that shelter life.
The goal of the game is to make life thrive as much as possible.

To make it happening, you need to protect your universe against external elements, they reduce your heath universe when impact it. You can drag the earth out of the universe to explode external elements and stop them.

To make your earth become an environment that makes life appears and thrives, you will need to add new elements into your universe. The first one is water, you need to capture a water element in the external world using your earth. In order to capture it, you have to surround it with your earth. After that come the fire, the cloud and the electricity. You will need to capture all of them to progress.

By making your earth evolve, you will earn some bonus, you can use them by shaking your device. There is two different bonus, the lightning flash that explode all the external elements and the snow flake that freeze them and reduce their speed. It is useful when you are overflowed or when you want to capture a new element.

Youtube video :