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Mi Phone Book

Mi Phone Book

Price: $1.99

Managing your mobile phone’s contact list can be frustrating. How can you be sure you have the most recent and complete contact information for everyone on your list? Sure, social networking sites can fill in some of the blanks. But what if you are not a member of a social network site; or you are, but you are not comfortable posting all of your contact information on that site?

Mi Phone Book is the solution and the only contact list management application you need! Mi Phone Book works similarly to most popular social networks. Users manage their personal contact information through a contact profile. When you need to change your contact information (for example, you moved and you want to update your address information), simply update your contact profile and save. Mi Phone Book automatically sends the people connected to your Mi Phone Book network and pushes the updates directly to their iPhone contact list!

Mi Phone Book also searches its member network for matches of your contacts and displays an In-Network icon next to the contact. Tap \”Send Notification\” button to send a contact network request. Once the request is accepted, begin receiving real-time updates of that user’s contact information updates automatically!

Application Benefits:

Up-to-date contact information: Mi Phone Book eliminates questioning if a contact’s information is current.

Save time: Mi Phone Book sends IN-Network users your updates automatically when you change your profile so you don’t have to.

Convenience: Mi Phone Book stores all of your contacts – not just Mi Phone Book users.

Sync: Manage your contacts in either your iPhone contact list or Mi Phone Book. They are always synced.

Ease: Update your profile, for example your address because you moved. Mi Phone Book sends your contact information to all your IN-Network contacts and updates their contact list automatically.

Search: Search for contacts using Mi Phone Book with the Search Tool!

Get Notified: Users will send you a notification to become a IN-Network contact. Simply accept or reject their request. If you accept all their contact information will populate both in your app and iPhone Contact List.