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My virtual Girlfriend

My virtual Girlfriend

Price: .99

My Virtual Girlfriend is a (not-so-serious) fun and flirty, dating simulation game. It boasts beautiful, 3D women that rival the beauty of a playboy model and loaded with humor that conveys their own unique personalities.

The game works like a real dating website where you get to customize your companion by selecting your preferences during the match making process.
After this, you’re presented with a few choices to select from. Each girl will have a unique personality and appearance. Pick one and let the game begin!

Get to know her well if you want to make any progress with her. There are several things to do: engage in dialog and respond to her comments, share an activity together. She even responds to your touch! Careful though speedy Gonzalez… move to quick and she\’ll show you the door.

As you progress with her, she will warm up to you. With each new level achieved She gets more comfortable. There will be new ways to interact, more actions you can and take things To do together.
However, do the wrong things and she will grow distant, angry and sarcasm becomes her second nature. She’ll put you in your place and if you’re not careful so don’t say you weren’t warned. If you continue to be a jerk- she will even dump you. ( What am embarrassment that would be- you’re friends will never let you live it down! )
It’s ultimately up to you to make these choices- good or bad, so choose wisely