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Price: Free to download, $1.99 IAP to fully unlock game

NINJA GUY For iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
Coming October 15th 2011

Everyone knows to become a true Ninja, one must defeat a giant Minotaur. This particular Minotaur has hidden himself behind a horde of jungle creatures, a hog kingdom, and a legion of skeletons and mini-taurs.

Enter NinjaGuy, the newest of Cow Sensei’s students. Join him on this awesomely funny, fast paced action adventure! .. Don’t forget to stop off at McJungle’s, (you know, by that skeleton infested graveyard!) and buy a wheatgrass burger for Billy, Cow Sensei’s Holy Nephew!

NinjaGuy battles through a varied set of environments, from a peaceful training village to a hell-like demon world!

Oh, one more piece of advice before you download this app .. Guns Don’t kill people. Ninja Do!


– Ninja Guy is the BEST 3D action platform adventure in the AppStore!
– Ninja Guy can throw Ninja Stars using \”Swipe\” touch gestures using the innovative
Screen-To-Space Shuriken engine!
– Ninja Guy introduces super cool characters with awesomely funny personalities!
– Many Unique Bosses to battle in the Ninja Guy universe!
– Ninja Guy features Superb Graphics!
– Ninja Guy is a Universal App and works on ALL your iOS devices including iPad!!
– Show off to your friends with Ninja Guy ‘s awesome Facebook and Twitter integration!