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Papa Penguin

Papa Penguin

Price: $0.99

IB: Papa Penguin news: free web version, funny cartoon, new abilities, levels and underwater inhabitants

June 9, 2011, Moscow

Ideal Bureaucracy finally presents its big update for the cute little game Papa Penguin. Update contains following new features:

• Free web-based version
• A funny cartoon about Papa Penguin and his kids
• Combo mode: eat a few fish in a row to get combo-bonuses
• Turbo feature: now Papa Penguin can fly under water like a rocket! The more fish Papa eats, the longer his acceleration lasts.
• Every new stage Papa gets the ability to dive deeper and deeper
• Look for new underwater inhabitants every time you start playing Papa Penguin

Free web version of the game can be found at:

The cartoon tells a story about Papa’s uneasy task of feeding two his gluttonous kids. It is accessible right from the game and can be also watched at:

«Having created a full-featured iOS game in a little bit more than 2 days, we decided not stop halfway through», says Andrey Olfert, Ideal Bureaucracy’s Director of Business Development. «We continued the work on our spontaneous micro-project, and tried to develop it into a little masterpiece that can always cheer you up with its numerous improvements and the free web version.»

New version of Papa Penguin is available on the App Store at:

About Papa Penguin

Papa Penguin is a cute casual arcade game for children and their parents about a caring penguin who puts all his efforts in trying to get some fish for his two little children. The kids are quite gluttonous, so hardly Papa fetches them some food, they instantly absorb it and demand more and more!

Help Papa Penguin look after his children!
• Collect the fish and take it to your little kids!
• Be smart! It\’s not an easy task to get to the most delicious fish.
• Don\’t forget about the oxygen! You have to plan your route to get all the fish to the surface!
• Beware of poisonous jelly-fish and sharp-toothed sea raptors!
• Enjoy your antarctic diving with the beautiful ambient music brought to you by Sleepy Town Manufacture.

The game became Ideal Bureaucracy’s first experimental creation that proved that it is possible to develop a full-featured iOS game in 2 days.

Game’s official web-page:
Game’s free web version :
Game’s page on iTunes:

About Ideal Bureaucracy

Ideal Bureaucracy is striving to create perfect, sophisticated and delicate computer games. Team members’ experience in video game industry includes participation in the development of CrimeCraft and Robocalypse – Mobile Mayhem games. As an experiment of creating a full-featured iOS game in 2 days, Ideal Bureaucracy developed Papa Penguin in early 2011.