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PDF converter for iPad

PDF converter for iPad

Price: $3.99

Pdf Converter allows you to quickly save entire emails, web pages and documents to PDF easily, so you can access them at any time, even when you are offline, It lets you turn PDF into JPEG, PNG, New PDF or Zip files too.

1. Import files:
You can even copy documents to PDF Converter via USB cable using iTunes File Sharing. Also, once installed, PDF Converter will appear in the \”Open In..\” list for many popular file types, Thus You can convert attachments from Mail, documents opened by Safari and even official Dropbox and Google Dive apps.

Another convenient way to add files to PDF Converter from your Mac or PC is by Wifi Sharing, PDF Converter would run as an HTTP and WebDAV Server, so you can use any Web Browser(IE, Safari, Chrome) or WebDAV Clients(Cyberduck, Transmit) to upload or download files, let\’s see how to transfer files by Safari.

Tap the “WiFi” button on the left of the bottom bar, just looks like this:

Open Safari app, type URL address on the above and click \”Go\”, then it will show the files in PDF converter. so you can either upload or download files though this web page on Safari app.

We will be glad to provide you as many promo codes as you need for testing. If you wish to run a contest/competition for promo codes on your site – we will also be glad to provide you several promocodes for this.

Thank you
Best Regards
John Ritchie