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Photo Invader

Photo Invader

Price: Free


We would love to have review our app. We think our app, Photo Invader, is a pretty special for one reason, it’s laugh your butt off funny!:) Our app has the coolest and funniest pictures to choose from. The images are not the typical celebrity images that you see in some apps, which are neither funny nor interesting. The images in Photo Invader are actually interesting and are of people and things that people would want to put in their photos. Whether it\’s a hot model that someone wants to pass off as their girlfriend/boyfriend (no one is going to believe that Britney Spears is in your photo, but they will think twice about whether one of our models is :-), whether its a realistic looking dinosaur bending down to chomp on your head, whether it’s a crazed ostrich or a realistic looking zombie, our app has it or will have it.

Photo Invader has the coolest and easiest to use user interface. Not only can an end user place an image into another image, but the Photo Invader user interface includes tools for the end user to make cool distortions to their image for maximum hilariousness.

People will look at the end user’s finished picture and say to themselves, “Holy crap that’s funny!” And then, because the effects are so visually stunning, people will then scratch there heads and ask is that real?

In addition, we here at Frog Teeth Studios are doing everything to improve the end user experience for Photo Invader users. We are making significant investment in Photo Invader and major improvements with the completion of our next software sprint in mid-January. Also, we are adding (and will continue to add) more pictures.

I hope you get a chance to try our app. Photo Invader and Photo Invader Kids is a lot of fun and we think you will agree.

Thanks for taking the time,

Photo Invader/Photo Invader Kids /
Frog Teeth Studios, LLC