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Pipe Drop

Pipe Drop

Price: $0.99

Pipes are falling fast, and you have to clear them before they reach the top of the screen! Try to last as long as you can, or make the longest paths you can and go for the high score!

Easy to learn and difficult to master! Even your grandma will be filling pipes in no time, and gamers will find an awesome challenge mastering the techniques necessary to resist the onslaught of high-speed obstacles. Numerous challenges await you as you attempt to unlock and uncover all the secrets of Pipe Drop!

Pipe Drop is a Tetris-style puzzle game that\’s easy to pick up and hard to put down. Grab falling blocks and slide them into place. Tap on blocks to spin them into long paths of pipes, then release the water and watch your path disappear. Long paths of pipes unlock special abilities such as bombs, and teleport blocks. We think it\’s a lot of fun, and hope you do too! It\’s the first game released by our fledgling development studio Serpenti Sei.

* Highly addictive gameplay – you\’ll never want to quit!
* Over 50 levels to reach, with new obstacles introduced at every turn!
* A hands-on tutorial that will teach anyone to play Pipe Drop like a pro.
* 8 power ups, each offering a different way to improve your game!
* Unlock new pairs of power ups to access new strategies!
* Unique obstacles confront you as you advance further in the game!
* Beautiful artwork featuring extra special graphics for those that reach the highest levels!
* High resolution graphics optimized for Retina Display.

Check out our trailer: