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Pocket Coach

Pocket Coach

Price: $ 4.99

Pocket Coach is a powerful application designed to help individuals identify, set and achieve their goals, as well as improve upon the various aspects of their lives.

There are a variety of goal-setting programs on iTunes, but most are limited to one function or a narrow focus. Pocket Coach is a wide-ranging, multi-functional program that was created to be the only piece of software one needs for goal-setting and achievement.

Current features:

-22 daily exercises designed explicitly to accelerate the goal-achieving process
-Core exercise process including powerful processes such as visualizations and affirmations
-Push notification instant alerts that remind you of your personal development and goals
-Stepping-Stone Calendar designed for daily goal-related tasks
-Weekly and monthly Accountability Reports that hold you accountable to your goals
-30, 60, 90 day goal-setting structure
-Suggested Reading list with book recommendations that accompany a goal-achieving lifestyle

The personal growth/development industry is filled with self-proclaimed gurus who spout platitudes, lead people around in circles, and all while taking their money. The truth is, the “secret” to one’s success is not something that requires expensive courses or comprehensive five day training seminars. The power of achieving what we want in life comes from within and no where else. The creators of Pocket Coach realized this truth and set out to design an application that would put the power of change and advancement in the hands of the user.

In general, we have found that there are several common stumbling blocks on the path towards one’s goals, and Pocket Coach is designed to eliminate these obstacles. Utilizing unique personal development tools, this application provides the user a focused approach to goal-achievement.

If used with integrity and honesty, Pocket Coach can assist you in achieving goals that once seemed too far off or even unrealistic. We have developed a powerful calendar system that will help provide a step-by-step path towards the future you imagined. Coupled with this are daily core exercises, and additional supplemental exercises carefully designed to assist in the process of goal-achievement. Pocket Coach utilizes push notification to alert and remind you that exercises should be completed. Finally, issued weekly and monthly are your Accountability Reports. Included in these reports is information about your personal development and task setting. You can use these reports to see how on the mark you were, or identify areas that need improvement.

An important note is that we are dedicated to putting the best possible application out there. We are proud of what we have created and we will continue to receive feedback and use it to improve upon our vision. Please share your thoughts and recommendations for improvement at the following:

Here’s to your future!