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Price: $8.99

Mobilize Your Spreadsheets.™

The most advanced spreadsheet editor available for iPhone® and iPod® Touch devices.

• Create, Open & Edit Excel (.XLSX) files for 2007 Windows & 2008 Macintosh

Enjoy superior Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet editing. Easily access email attachments, email or transfer files without MS Exchange®. No desktop client installation required! Edit important spreadsheets with confidence.

Reasons to buy Quicksheet vs. any other solution:
• Fast and responsive app performance
• No desktop client to install. Simple browser file transfer from any computer
• Robust, rich features for power users such as two finger zoom
• No need to purchase MS Exchange® to access or email files
• Very easy to use, intuitive UI. No confusing menus
• Easy access and file sharing
• 100% data integrity. Guaranteed Microsoft compatibility
• Responsive customer service. 24/7 support
• Simply works better!

Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite also available to purchase in iTunes, which includes both Microsoft Word and Excel edit functionality.

Top-Industry Awards:
• Best Business Application – CTIA Wireless 2009
• Most Innovative Mobile Application – Finalists 2009 Andrew Seybold Choice Awards

Experts Agree:
• “Excel’s handling features are robust and the interface is streamlined. Score: 9/10” –
• ”Excel functionality is robust…calculate data using a vast library of functions” –

Quicksheet® offers 5 powerful products in 1 simple application:
• Edit Excel spreadsheets
• Transfer desktop files via WiFi
• Remotely access MobileMe® iDisk® accounts
• Email files directly via your iPhone
• Mount your iPhone as a drive

Quicksheet® – Advanced Excel® Spreadsheet Editor
• Edit & create Excel spreadsheets
• Copy/paste cells, columns, rows, and cell ranges & formulas dynamically updated
• Access iPhone email attachments from any email program – no need to have MS Exchange
• Full support for Apple 3.0 OS cut/copy/paste across supported apps
• Undo/redo ‘shake’ functionality
• Landscape editing
• Set/remove cell borders
• Edit font type & size
• Edit directly into a cell in portrait view
• Add, rename, delete, & reorder worksheets inside a single spreadsheet
• Set alignment within a cell
• Professional-grade calculation engine
• Supports advanced Excel features
• Simply tap, hold & drag column/row headers to increase/decrease column width/row height
• Extensive formatting; bold, italic, cell background, font color, accounting, currency, decimals, currency symbols
• Double tap on a cell & drag to select a range
• Easily change inputs & recalculate
• Confidently edit with auto-save and auto-restore
• Switch easily between workbook sheets
• Insert new rows/columns
• File support: .XLS/.XLSX (97-2008 Edit)

Includes Quickoffice® Files functionality for remote access, email, WiFi, and file management:
• Email local or remote files without having to download them
• Bookmark last viewed position in non-editable documents (PDF, etc)
• Slideshow viewing of images in remote & local directories
• Mount your iPhone as a wireless drive via WiFi
• Drag and drop files between your iPhone and computer via WiFi
• Remotely access your MobileMe® iDisk® account (separate account required)
• Create new folders on your iDisk account or device to manage digital content
• Save files to your iPhone for offline viewing
• View most common file types
• Easily organize, rename, & move files on your device
• Passcode protection keeps content safe

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