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Red Riding Hood Interactive Book

Red Riding Hood Interactive Book

Price: $0.99

This eBo’s interactive version of this story contains: reading, interactions, animation, clothing, coloring and puzzles. All these interactions will allow your kids not only to read and watch the story, but also to learn through many different interactions and enjoy this classic in a whole new way!

★★★★ Features

★ Combine the classic children story with interactivities, animations, clothing, coloring and puzzles.

★ Every page will contain several fun effects and interactions, for example: kids can use small decorations to decorate the Christmas tree, drag the sun to change the story setting between day and night time, mice can blow “SOS” balloons, touch the big bad wolf’s stomach to rescue Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, use needles to sew the wolf’s stomach etc.

★ Focused on all the connections between all the interactions so they become more fun. For ex. If a player touches a balloon and make it explode, it will scare the cat nearby. The cat’s “MEOW” will then also scare the mouse, which will run away. While running away, the mouse will tip over the vase, causing it to fall down and breaks etc.

★ Realistic sounds and sound effects will draw your children into the story. For ex: chairs creaking, the crackling of the fire in the fire place, the wolf falling into the water etc.

★ Rich animations and special effects. For ex: Little Red Riding Hood can walk now, butterflies will fly all over the sky, dandelions seeds float in the wind, and an evil eyed big bad wolf make the story finally come alive in every detail!

★ Change Little Red Riding Hood’s hats, and she will show different expressions.

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