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Relax Hub: 5 in 1 App Box

Relax Hub: 5 in 1 App Box

Price: $1.99

Relax Hub is the ONLY app in App Store that includes so many relaxation solutions!
1.Relaxing Self Massage-Exclusive in AppStore
2.Vibrating Massager-4 Vibration intensity levels to choose
3.Ambient Sounds-Most Popular 50 sounds Build-in
4.Office Yoga – Designed For Desk Jockey!
5.Sex Engine – Binaural Beats To Spice Up Your Sex Life!

✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭ ALL Packed in ONE! ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

How much it’ll cost if you buy FIVE standalone apps?
YOU DO THE MATH! (at least 5+bucks)

With Relax Hub, you can:

✭✭ Get a massage right in your OFFICE or during your SUBWAY commute!

✭✭ Show off some advanced ROMANCE massage techniques to your girlfriend or boyfriend!

✭✭ VIBRATE away sore muscles anytime, anywhere!

✭✭ Stimulate ANY part of your body to have FUN with just a push of a button!

✭✭ Relax, meditate, block noises with ambient sounds while WORKING, STUDYING or TRAVELING!

✭✭Drift off to SLEEP or even TELEPORT yourself to a total different atmosphere!


Relax Hub is the app you CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT!


✭✭Huge Self-help Massage Database✭✭
400+ easy to follow massage tutorials organized into body parts, each with detailed instruction and step by step illustrations, helping you relax from top to toe.
200+ healthcare massage targeting various goals. (hangover, stiff neck, sore eyes, ab shaping…)

Add your favorite massage and create multiple Bookmarks for a quick reference. Enable Rename to meet your needs. (such as: nice foot massage, hot romantic maneuver, after yoga, for office coffee break…)

✭✭It Vibrates✭✭
Different vibration intensity levels to choose from. Cool graphics synchronizes to the vibration, more life-like massager designs to come in future updates.

✭✭Ambient Sounds Collection✭✭
Multiple looping soothing sounds to choose from(white noise included), more will be added in future updates. Set the Timer to stop playing automatically in case you may fall asleep later.

✭✭Specially Added Sex Engine✭✭

Sex Engine uses the binaural sound technology which will affect the sexual part of your brain. Use Sex Engine for 15-20 minutes to experience the dramatic increase in sex drive!

✭✭Awesome Sounds You Never Get Bored With✭✭

NATURE: Ocean Waves – Thunder – Booklet – Country Field – Kitten Purrs – Morning Park – Waterfall – Rainstorm – High Wind – Heavy Rain – Frog At Night – Cricket Chirping – Bird In The Light Rain – Flowing Water – Rainy Day

SOCIETY: Airplane – Car Passing By – Down The Street – Train Travel – Urban Life – Building Entrance – School Gym – Retail Store – Shopping Mall – Car Roof Rain Drops

ACTIVITIES: Boat Traveling – Bonfire Night – In The Wild – Rowing Boat – Midnight Boat Dock – Weekend Boat Ride – Sprinkle The Lawn – Taking a Shower

RHYTHMIC SOUNDS: Doorbell Chime – Himalayan Bowls – Heart-Beating – Water Dripping – Clock Ticking

MACHINERY: Air Conditioner – Washing Dishes – Cooling Fan – Drying Clothes – Hair Dryer – Vacuuming – Computer Server Room – Golf Course Maintenance

NOISE: White Noise

Vibration only works on iPhone since iPod Touch doesn’t contain built-in vibrator!
Sex Engine listened with headphone for best result! Listen for 15-20 mins and it works!

Do you have any suggestions on this app? Let me hear it! If you have any technical problems please email us before you post a review, thanks!

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