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Rogue Town

Rogue Town

Price: 0


We would like to ask you to review our new iOS game Rogue Town on your site. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Rogue Town is an intense 2-D endless runner that lets you step into the stirrups of a rogue on the run! Complete with dark, desolate landscapes, this adventure offers addicting gameplay, quick arcade action, and the thrill of the chase as you, dodge, leap, and fight their way past obstacles and enemies.

Rogue Town’s basic information page (with screenshots) is here:

Rogue Town’s iTunes link is:

Rogue Town’s Trailer is here:

Rogue Town is free to play, so you will not need any promo codes.

More about Rogue Town:

You’ll need quick reflexes and fast trigger fingers. The game gives you control of the rogue, a mysterious loner who’s in town long enough to visit the local bank… and out again before the authorities can catch up to him. Keep the rogue’s speed up by leaping over barriers, ducking under low-hanging obstacles, and gunning down attacking vigilantes. Use Rogue Town’s intuitive tap controls to dodge and fire when obstacles and enemies appear. By keeping the rogue running as long as possible, you can rack up achievements, post your high scores on leaderboards, and collect cash to spend in the in-game store on new vehicles and other upgrades.

Rogue Town includes over 25 achievements to unlock by running farther, eliminating enemies, and collecting cash along the way. Compete against your friends and your own high scores by racking up achievements and posting your high scores on Game Center!

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Best regards,